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I edited the Jungle episode of the Series Hostile Planet for Plimsoll Productions

I edited Episode 4 'Change' of the 2019 BBC series Earth From Space.


My first TX of 2018. Episode One of Animals With Cameras.

July 2017. I edited Ep 2 of the series 'Dogs An Amazing Animal Family'


March 2017. Comic Relief Red Nosed African Convoy TX Card. BBC1


August 2016. A fascinating insight to life in the most northerly frozen town!


August 2016. Wild Reunions TX Card. Tigress Productions for ITV.


March 2016. Yay - DIYSOS winners of the National RTS Award 2016.


04.03.16. DIYSOS Veterans Special Episodes Nominated for a National RTS Award for best 'Popular, factual and features' to be announced on 22nd March https://rts.org.uk/award/rts-programme-awards-2016

02.03.16. ITV1. 'Story of Cats,' Plimsoll Productions. PD Anwar Mamon and I finished editing this just before Christmas 2015. TX Card.

28.02.16. ITV1. 'Life At The Extreme' with Davina McCall, Plimsoll Productions. I had the pleasure of editing the first episode of this exciting new series, working alongside PD Barny Revil. TX Card (& Radio Times) Ep 1, Namibia. ITV 9pm 29th Feb 2016


Icon Films, 'Killer Climb,' edited in the Summer 2015. Primal Survivor TX Card 2016. For promo go to http://natgeotv.com/uk/primal-survivor/videos/promo


The DIYSOS Biggest Build ever! Crazy schedule, editing whilst filming. Broadcast 6 days after offline completed. Oct 2015. 'Homes For Veterans' was nominated for a 2016 National Televsion Award for Best Factual Entertaiment Prog.



(May 2015) Transmission date - Feb 2016.

For the ITV press release - Martha Holmes, executive producer of the series and Head of Wildlife for Plimsoll, said: "We're very excited to be working with Davina McCall on a series where fascinating wildlife meets adventure, an area of programming we're keen to continue exploring. Both elements are key to Life at the Extreme, which allows Davina to bring her unique enthusiasm and curiosity to each challenge and the encounters she has with a stunning array of animals in each location."

*Photo copyright of Plimsoll Productions


All set for TX 'Mekong Mutilator;' one episode for season 7 I edited for Icon Films in 2014 (TX card, Icon films)



Winners! Myself below, with Producer/Director Tom Payne and The RTS West award for 'Best Features and Factual Entertainment' for the Children in Need DIYSOS Episode 'The Million Pound Build.'

DIYSOS Children In Need Special 'The Million Pound Build' has been nominated for a RTS 2013 award in the category of 'Best Features and Factual Entertainment.' http://www.rts.org.uk/nominations-announced-rts-west-england-awards

The TX card for Super Giant Animals below! To view a clip from the programme click here or on the image below:

I had the pleasure of viewing Super Giant Animals on the Sunday before transmission with Steve, Nick (sound recordist) and Jonny (cameraman) pictured below. Not forgetting to mention Producer Matthew Wright and Composer Will Slater.

'One Show' TK Cards for films edited for Tigress in September 2013.


Wild Colombia TX Card. 4 x 50' for Image Impact. 2012


Beast Hunter TX card. Icon Fims. To view a clip from the programme click here or on the image below:


In 2008, I Edited 6 episodes of Born Survivor for Diverse.



Below: fun on Springwatch 2006 on location in Devon (I beat Bill Oddie in a bad taste shirt competition). Kate Humble, was the star of the show in my opinion.

Penguin safari/Penguin Week (below) Autumn 2006. An impossible mission: to make 6x1hours of TV in approx 7 weeks filming whlist travelling up and down the coast of South Georgia Island. After arriving at the Falkland Islands we embarked on an awful 5 and half day sail to South Georgia Island, (known as the 'Antarctic Isle') where we began making the series. Editing took place on board our 60ft yacht 'Le Sourire.'

Below: Cameraman Peter Thorn at work. Sailing past iceburgs.

Below - Macaroni penguins/ Black-browed Albatrosses/ Incrediously standing 10ft from a Wandering Albatross chick.

Below: 'Cobbler's Cove': A sooty Albatross/ Nigel with cameramen Mike Pitts & Peter Thorn. Grytvikken whaling station, & precariously filming on an Iceberg.

Below: St Andrews Bay, home to 200,000 King Penguins and 6,000 Southern Elephant Seals.


Bull Sharks: The World's Deadliest Shark With Nigel Marven. Photos taken in Cuba (2003) whilst filming the final scene for the film: Nigel hand feeding a Bull Shark. * Underwater photo courtesy of Fiona Seager