Selection of Clips below:
  Natural History   Drama/Ob Docs & Various  
  Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall (2016) Plimsoll for ITV   DIY SOS: Children in Need Special (2013) BBC1  
  Super Giant Animals (2013) BBC1   Born Survivor: Bear Grylls (2008) Discovery/CH4  
  The Story of Cats (2016) ITV   Beast Hunter: Nightmare of the Amazon (2008) Icon/Nat Geo  
  Alligators with Nigel Marven (2001) Image Impact, ITV   Breathless Hush (1999) Atlas Adventures/HTV  
  Ultimate Spider Hunter (2005) Granada Bristol, PBS   River Monsters (2014) Icon, Animal Planet/ITV  
  Penguin Safari (2006) Image Impact, Animal Planet/Nat Geo/CH5   Venom Hunters (2004) Image Impact, PBS/CH5  
  Bullsharks: The World's Deadliest Sharks (2003) Image Impact,   Man and Beast (1999) Atlas Adventures  
  Weird Creatures: Saggy Skinned Frog (2006) Icon Films, Animal      
  Planet/CH5   Sharks on Trial (2005) Granada Bristol, ITV1  
  Ichneumon: The Bush Demon (1999) Canal+ BBC2   Invasion of the Giant Pythons (2009) Image Impact, PBS/CH5  
  Daytime and Childrens   Crash Science: Trains (2006) Granada Bristol, Nat Geo/  
  Barney's Latin America Adventure (2010) BBC1   Granada INT  
    Timeshift: Gambling (2004) BBC1