'Life at the Extreme' with Davina McCall. A clip from Episode One I edited, of a series of four made by Plimsoll productions for ITV which was broadcast on 29th February 2016

Rob is an experienced creative editor who has been editing for broadcast for 26 years. A very able and versatile editor, fast and efficient (Avid, FCP or Premiere), who’s worked on a variety of programmes from Natural History (Apple's Tiny World, Nat Geo's Hostile Planet, BBC's Earth From Space) to Ob Docs (DIY SOS: Children in Need Special, Comic Relief's African Red-Nosed Convoy), presenter-led programmes (Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall, Alligators with Nigel Marven, Jeremy Wade's River Monsters and Bear Grylls: Born Survivor) as well as corporates, commercials and drama documentaries.

Rob is currently working for WILDSTAR on The Americas Series for National Geographic